If you know anything about carpets, you already know that they contain the worst kinds of germs and allergens, as well as a host other hazards. It may not effect you as much if you spend most of your time outdoors, but if you frequently sit indoors, you need to do some carpet cleaning, and you should do it frequently. Why? Because carpets can alter the quality of the air in your home.When it comes to carpet cleaning, your best ally is your good old vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes, however, a more comprehensive type of vacuum cleaner is demanded. There are newer vacuum cleaners with strong suction systems and built in HEPA filters whcih can remove the dust mites, allergens and general dirt, essentially making them a lot better than standard vacuum cleaners. Sometimes, however, you must employ a professional carpet cleaner.What do professional carpet cleaners do? Professional carpet use steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods to get rid of stubborn spots and microbes that cause disease.

You just need have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on how much traffic you have if your home of office will dictate how often you need to have them cleaned.  For a chart on how often to clean your carpets click here.When you clean your carpet completely, invisible things like pet fur and dust, spores are taken out of the carpet fibers, so it will enhance your indoor air quality. For those who have a carpet at home, there are several dangers to your own quality of life aside from the usual suspects.

Spots from red wine and urine really provide food for bacteria. Additionally, following a flood, your carpets could have molds and cause sneezing and breathing difficulties. It could damage your respiratory system.  Dust mites are another issue in carpeting. Do you realize that all mites create dust that causes respiration difficulty and allergic reactions?

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