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You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort to pick out the perfect furniture for your home. As such, you do everything you can to keep your sofa or loveseat in good condition. However, even if you take great care of your upholstered pieces, some accidents cannot be controlled.

Dirty hand prints, spilled drinks and pet accidents can occur without your knowledge, ruining the appearance of your furniture in the process. You can try to remove the blemishes by yourself, but getting a red wine stain out of a light beige sofa can be quite challenging. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem from happening by having your furniture’s fabrics protected beforehand.

Our IICRC-certified craftsmen from Dreyer’s Carpet Care can make that happen for you and your family in the Greater Gainesville, FL area.

The Benefits of Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is a product that acts as an invisible shield to absorb and mitigate the impact of stains and spills. The moment it’s sprayed on, fabric protection deeply penetrates the molecules of your furniture’s fibers without changing the material’s texture or color. Because of this, you can easily wipe away any dirty spot or spill with ease.

Fabric protection also gives you the following benefits:

Prevents Harmful Substances from Clinging to the Fabric

Not only do stains and spills make your couch look awful, they also encourage bacteria and allergens to develop in the fabric. These irritants reduce the comfort levels of your home and bother individuals with asthma or allergies. With fabric protection, however, your furniture won’t become a hotbed for germs and other harmful substances.

Keeps Your Furniture Looking Clean

Cleaning your furniture is never easy. You need to use the correct cleaning product and method to make sure you don’t ruin your upholstery. Thankfully, fabric protection allows you to keep your furniture clean with minimal effort.

Extends Fabric and Furniture Life

When a piece of furniture is permanently soiled, many people will cover the stain with throw pillows or change the fabric. Neither option is good. Leaving the stain will slowly damage the upholstery while picking out new fabric isn’t cheap. When you have your fabric protected, you’ll avoid encountering these problems. You will extend the life of your fabric and your furniture.

Versatile Fabric Protection Services by Dreyer’s Carpet Care

At Dreyer’s Carpet Care, our fabric protection service is designed to treat much more than furniture upholstery. We can treat all types of fabrics, including:








Delicate textiles

We use Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector when carrying out this task. This product provides strong protection to your carpets and rugs, as well as repels spills for easier cleanup. It also limits blemishes from reappearing. Additionally, it doesn’t change the look and feel of fabric once it is sprayed.

Trust Dreyer’s Carpet Care to Protect Your Delicate Fabrics & Upholstery

When it comes to your nicest pieces of furniture, there really is no such thing as too much protection. That is especially true when you can perform some preventive maintenance by protecting your fabrics and upholstery with fabric protection services from Dreyer’s Carpet Care. Let our IICRC-certified technicians make messy wine stains and muddy paw prints disappear from your favorite fabrics without leaving a trace. Contact us online or give us a call at 352-565-0000 to get a free estimate. We have served our loyal customers in the Greater Gainesville, FL area for the past four decades!

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