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An area rug is one of the nicest decorative features you can add to your home. Whether if it’s a Navajo rug, a Persian rug or even an Oriental rug, an area rug’s vibrant colors and intricate designs add a captivating sense of exotic wonder and beauty to any room. No matter how cluttered or sparse a room may be, an area rug can tie it together and give it that breath of fresh air.

As beautiful and eye-catching as area rugs can be, one undeniable fact remains. They are basically art pieces for your floor and, because of their location, they will accumulate quite a lot of dust, debris, dirt, irritants, and contaminants.

Our IICRC-certified technicians from Dreyer’s Carpet Care understand the nuances and special care required to clean your area rug. We are aware of the delicate fabrics involved and the special equipment required to provide a prompt, effective cleaning experience at a customer-friendly price. As a family-owned company with deep connections to the Gainesville, FL area, we have been creating satisfied customers for the past four decades.

Key Tips for Taking Care of Your Area Rugs

Because of the delicate fabrics used to create decorative area rugs, they require a different level of attention than other floor coverings. Applying the same cleaning approach as you would use on regular carpeting could easily damage the rug’s intricate threadwork or cause the bright colors to fade. To preserve, protect and extend the life of your area rugs, here are some care and cleaning suggestions:

Area rugs should be professionally cleaned every two years.


Rugs in high-traffic areas may require cleaning more frequently.


Vacuum on a regular basis to avoid accumulating debris, which abrades fibers and wears out the rug.


Protect your area rugs with a good stain-resistant product sold.


Address accidents and stains immediately by calling a trained professional.


Avoid over-the-counter cleaning and spot treatment products, which may be too harsh and cause permanent damage.


Use padding to protect the rug from wear-and-tear issues and provide skid resistance. Pads also add comfort and absorb noise.


Avoid direct sunlight on rugs to avoid uneven fading.

Give Your Area Rugs Some TLC from Dreyer’s Carpet Care

When it is time to clean your delicate area rug or Oriental rug, our certified professionals from Dreyer’s Carpet Care will provide the TLC during the cleaning process that your priceless possessions deserve. Contact us online or give us a call at 352-565-0000 to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate in regard to our services for homeowners and business owners in the Greater Gainesville, FL area.

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