Effective Pet Urine & Odor Treatments
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Having a pet can be one of the best things you ever do. A furry friend offers unconditional love and companionship. But even the best pets will have an occasional accident somewhere in your home. The key to removing pet stains and odors is to treat them immediately and treat them properly.

Dreyer’s Carpet Care offers superior pet urine and odor treatments for homeowners in Gainesville, Florida and its surrounding communities. Our family-owned company has been meeting the floor cleaning needs of customers in our local communities for the past four decades

The Challenges of Pet Stains

Because of the biological waste involved, completely eradicating pet urine stains and odors can be a difficult cleaning challenge. The longer a spot is left untreated, the more into seeps into carpet fibers and adheres to them firmly.

Inadequate spot and odor treatments can create lasting damage and improper cleaning methods could allow a stain to set permanently. Because of the chemical composition of pet stains, some things to consider when an animal has an accident include:




Uric Acid






Bacteria (typically 5 different strains)






Other electrolytes

When your pet creates an unwanted surprise on your carpet or area rug, the certified professionals at Dreyer’s Carpet Care can have your floor coverings looking and smelling fresh and clean in no time!

Pet Stains Can Be Tricky and are Best Left to the Professionals

While it is a good practice to clean up after your pet, it’s better to let the professionals handle it when it involves expensive furnishings and fixtures such as carpeting, tiles, upholstery and drapes. The IICRC-certified technicians from Dreyer’s Carpet Care have the equipment, experience and expertise to make sure that the stain and odor are completely cleaned and removed while the rest of your home decor remains intact and uncompromised.

Trust Dreyer’s Carpet Care to Take Care of Your Pet’s Accidents

When it comes to dealing with pet urine and odors, don’t delay in calling a professional cleaning service to deal with it. Otherwise, you may end up having a home that smells permanently of pet urine. Instead, contact Dreyer’s Carpet Care online or give us a call at 352-565-0000 to have our team of cleaning experts resolve the situation for you professionally and efficiently. We have spent the past four decades creating satisfied customers throughout the Greater Gainesville, FL area.

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