You can easily confuse professional area rug cleaning for carpet cleaning. After all, both have very similar functions, materials, and uses that you can use the same cleaning methods on them, right? Not exactly. There are differences to each we will look at today to determine which type of sanitation method suits you best.

The Make

Area rugs are made in different ways than wall-to-wall carpeting.  While both are usually made from cotton, wool, silk, nylon, or a blend of other fibers, area rugs tend to be thicker due to their dense pile construction.

Their fibers and dyes are selected differently, and the product chemistry requires different treatments to clean them. 

Floor carpets are also less thick than their area rug counterparts. As such, their absorption of liquids and other materials differs significantly. While they absorb quickly, their lack of thickness allows for easy carpet cleaning. A quick vacuum over the affected area can take care of the mess!

The same is not valid for area rugs. They have more layers since they are thicker and knotted at the bottom to hold all the fabric together. Therefore, debris and other liquids will seep down to their knotted base. 

Quick area rug cleaning with a topical spray and vacuum will not do. You need to call professionals to break down, sanitize, and cleanse the affected area.

Cleaning Materials

Since we’ve discovered that floor carpeting is thinner and less dense than thicker area rugs, the cleaning materials and solutions needed to care for them will also vary. Choosing the correct cleaning process is essential because different kinds of rugs, with different fiber types and different color dye agents will require very specific cleaning agents and spotters.

Different area rug cleaning agents also exist because some dyes are more stable (“set”) in the fibers than others. For example, those made with acidic dyes are more stable, while those with vegetable dyes are less stable. 

As a result, rugs with acidic dyes can have mixed results when cleaning them with products designed for less stable dyes. The same goes for rugs with less-stable vegetable dyes.

For general carpet cleaning, most carpet cleaning services are meant to improve the look of a durable synthetic carpet and can therefore be more aggressive . Using harsher cleaning products during an area rug cleaning service can often leave behind substances in the carpet that can cause more damage over time.

For area rug cleaning, using heavy-duty, commercial cleaning products is not advised due to their thicker composition and possibility of having less stable dyes . Deep cleaning is needed to penetrate the muck and grime accumulated in the fibers, but it needs to properly done in a controlled environment to achieve optimal results.

As mentioned before, for your loose area rugs, it is best to consult with a professional first and never conduct DIY area rug cleaning on your own!

The truth is, anyone can walk into a hardware store and rent a carpet-cleaning machine or buy a commercial, chemical-based carpet cleaner.  Anyone can mix water with soap in a bucket, dampen a carpet, and try to rub most stains out. However, genuine, professional carpet cleaning for area rugs requires extensive training.  Many people need to enroll in multiple, specialized classes to gain the ability to clean rugs properly! 

The Final Verdict

Which one is better for you? The answer depends on the type of carpet or rug in your house. Wall-to-wall carpeting can often be maintained between full, thorough, professional deep cleanings with a DIY carpet cleaning unit using only a vacuum and topical solution to treat the occasional spots and muddy paw prints.  Area rugs, on the other hand, do need professional area rug cleaning with experts trained in getting gunk out of these thicker and more sensitive materials. Remember these simple guidelines, and your carpeting will be just fine!

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