Techniques for detecting and removing scents from the carpeting while avoiding future issues

When most people think about odors in commercial buildings, they immediately think of the restroom. As a result, when foul odors are discovered upon entering a building, cleaners may be baffled as to what is causing them. However, the unpleasant odor is mostly caused by poor carpet upkeep or inappropriate cleaning procedures.

Foul carpet scents can be negatively affected by customers, facility occupants, and cleaning staff. So, what can be the cause of carpet odors? And where can you find commercial carpet cleaning

What Causes Carpet Odor?

Carpets do not have much of an odor from the contents of carpets themselves. Instead things like spoiled food, body oils, musty soil, and environmental allergens can all become odor sources if they become caught in carpet fibers or backing material over time.

Moisture, in addition to pollutants, can be an issue. Various factors can produce excess dampness, including spills or floods, high humidity, defective HVAC systems, and over-wetting carpets while cleaning. Mold can quickly grow on wet carpets, resulting in a foul odor.

Another source of scents is the cleaning equipment or techniques employed by the specialist. Vacuums or extractors that are not properly maintained might leave soil on the carpet. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals, too much water, inadequate ventilation, or incomplete rinsing can cause odors, as can insufficient or incorrect vacuuming or improper extraction.

Here are some of the most prevalent sources of carpet odors and some suggestions for keeping your office space smelling fresh.

Mildew, Moisture, or Mold 

Is there a musty odor in your carpet? Moisture can permeate your carpet and the pad beneath it due to humidity in the air, water dripping from indoor plants, floods during rainfall, or simply a spilled drink. If not dried fully soon, this can lead to various problems, including odor and hazardous mold or mildew growth.

Here are some more symptoms that you have mold in your carpet, in addition to the musty odor:

  • Mold allergies: If an occupant is experiencing breathing difficulties, allergy symptoms, or a chronic cough, they may be responding to mold.
  • If your carpet is damp all of the time in a specific area due to an unresolved leak or poor airflow it can cause problems. In fact, if your carpet stays damp for longer than a day or two, mold can  bloom.
  • Mold discoloration might appear as a white, black, or green patch on your carpet in its advanced stages.
  • Positive findings from a mold testing kit: You may reliably test for mold using a particular kit.

Mold or mildew, if left unchecked, can represent a health danger to occupants. While having your carpet cleaned by a local specialist may remove the mold and erase the unpleasant odor, if the condition has gotten too bad, once you have dealt with the source of the moisture, you may also need to lift the carpet, dry out the walls and other structural material, and in extreme cases, replace the carpet entirely.

You should reconsider if you’ve used or plan to use a do-it-yourself steam cleaner. Steam cleaners use water, but they cannot extract all of it after cleaning, leaving surplus moisture behind. Carpet cleaning techniques used by professionals use less water, higher heat and a lot more extraction, which is better for your carpet.

If you need expert assistance, you can also reach out to us, as one of the most reputable commercial and residential carpet cleaners in the greater Gainesville, FL area.

Cigarette Smoke 

Unlike liquid stains, which concentrate in one area, smoke spreads throughout a room and can be captured by soft furnishings including carpets. So, if you smoke, live with a smoker, or move into a building that a smoker had previously occupied, you’ll notice the smoke smell no matter how clean it is. If there has been a fire, odors may stay on the carpet.

Furthermore, your carpet may not be the only source of the problem. When it comes to smoke, the following regions have a lot of odors:

  • Paint and walls
  • Countertops, cabinets, appliances, doors, and window frames 
  • Floors made of hardwood or tile
  • HVAC vents

While there are some do-it-yourself options for getting rid of cigarette odors, only professional carpet cleaners will be able to eliminate them.

Pet Accidents, Food, or Drinks Organic Material

Spills are among the most prevalent carpet messes. Even if you cleaned up the spill as soon as it happened, the odor could linger—even if the stain is no longer visible.

If you allow pets in your commercial facility and assume the stench results from a training accident, or if the odor in your carpet reminds you of a specific food spill, it could result from gasses emitted by bacteria that feed on the organic material. Any traces of these things remaining in your carpet will allow bacteria to continue to thrive, feed, and produce odors.

A high-quality, enzymatic odor remover is your first choice if your odor is organic. These products, often known as “enzymatic cleaners”, break down the organic material that attracts bacteria, eradicating the odor at its source.


Carpets that smell bad create an unpleasant environment, leading to fewer client visits and employee attendance. They may also require a significant capital investment to replace or produce substantial indoor air quality issues resulting in health-related litigation. So, make sure to seek a carpet cleaning service on a regularly scheduled basis! 

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