Having pets is a joy, and these small furry creatures are usually considered part of the family. Whether you have one pet or a whole bunch of them, if you have carpets and rugs in your home, you know that having pets and keeping these rugs and carpets clean can be quite a challenge.

Ideally, you’d like to keep pets off your carpets until they are toilet trained. But that is unrealistic for most homeowners. You can, however, enjoy having both without having to worry about carpets and rugs getting permanently stained. You can do so by avoiding these carpet cleaning mistakes most pet owners tend to make while you are toilet-training your little furry companions:

Letting the mess sink in before cleaning – Some pet owners make the mistake of waiting to clean the mess their pets made on their rugs and carpets. This makes it more difficult to remove any stains and odors that are there. If you find that your pets have done their thing on your carpet or rug, you should clean this off immediately and deodorize as well as sanitize it right away. This will stop stains and odors from setting in.

Rubbing and scrubbing at the mess – Another mistake that pet owners make when they find a mess on their carpets and rugs is to use elbow grease to remove the problem. Rubbing will only grind the mess deeper into the fibers of the carpet or rug, which will make it even more difficult to actually remove. When you find your pet has peed or pooped on your carpet, what you need to do is to spray the area with soap and water then to dab it with a clean cloth or kitchen towels until the substance is absorbed into these cleaning materials.

Not having carpets steam cleaned – One of the best things that a carpet owner can do is to have their carpets cleaned professionally when pets do their business on these. Disinfecting and cleaning these on your own may only aggravate the situation and may even damage your carpet irreparably. Having a professional carpet cleaner like Dreyer’s Carpet Care clean your carpets for you can help effectively remove any dirt and odor from it without any fear of damage or disrepair.

Avoid Carpet Cleaning Mistakes With the Help of Dreyer’s Carpet Care

You don’t have to be afraid of damaging your carpets even when your pets poop or pee on them if you trust the cleaning of these to professionals. In Greater Gainesville, Florida, the company to contact for this is Dreyer’s Carpet Care. We can help keep your carpets clean for you with our professional carpet cleaning services. We can also help remove any odors that your pets may leave behind on carpets, furniture, and rugs in your home.

Keep your carpets and furniture safe from the odors and stains that pets are bound to leave behind with our various cleaning services, which include furniture and upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and wood floor cleaning. Contact us at 352-565-0000 and we will gladly help you clean aft


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