Now that the world is slowly opening up again, people are slowly but surely reuniting with loved ones. There are plenty of gatherings, lunches, dinners, parties, and so much more. That’s incredibly wonderful, especially in light of the holidays. 

All of that said, it’s warm, nice, and fuzzy until someone accidentally spills wine on a beautiful, pristine carpet

Thankfully, there’s actually a way to deal with that particular stain. It’s not easy, sure, but it’s possible. The same thought applies to carpet stains in general.

Read on to learn more about how to handle these three common carpet stains:

1. Coffee

Left alone, a permanent yellow/brown coffee stain will sit on a carpet forever. No matter what the circumstances are, the moment the spill happens, it’s key to drop everything and get rid of it.

  • Spray the stain with a solution of vinegar and water (non-bleach detergent optional)
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes
  • Blot the area
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the area
  • Leave baking soda overnight
  • Vacuum in the morning

2. Pet Stains

Even the most trained of cats or dogs will trigger accidents. An upset stomach won’t screech to a halt from blowing up just because their human isn’t ready to let them out yet. It’s important to address this as soon as possible so that a stain doesn’t form.

  • Get as much of the mess as possible with paper towels or tissues
  • Blot or scoop only
  • Dampen the area with plain club soda (carbonated water)
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes
  • Blot dry with a terry cloth towel
  • Spray a second solution of vinegar and water
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes
  • Blot dry again with a clean towel

Scrubbing may seem like the logical thing to do, but it will actually make things worse. Aside from spreading it out,  which heightens the possibility of a stain, it also pushes the mess deeper into carpet fibers.

If there’s still an odor issue despite no presence of stain, baking soda on the area will help. 

3. Red Wine

This happens to carpets quite a lot. Who doesn’t like the idea of just kicking up heels or bonding with pals over a nice solid red? Of course, as the night deepens and maybe some dancing happens, spillage is inevitable. 

Thankfully, this does not immediately mean that the carpet is hopeless and should just be replaced. It takes a bit of work, but it’s possible to save the carpet from a red wine stain.

  • Pour club soda onto the stain
  • Dab bubbles away until it’s dry
  • Spray the area with a solution of vinegar and water
  • Blot the area until dry
  • Sprinkle baking soda on stain
  • Let sit for an hour then vacuum


Contrary to popular belief, it’s absolutely possible to do something about stains on a carpet. A good rule of thumb is to avoid scrubbing because that will only make things worse. Common household items like water, vinegar, baking soda, and even tonic water will go a long way in removing stains on your carpet. However, if you don’t want to do all the work or need a deeper clean than what we’ve discussed, there are always expert carpet cleaners ready to take on any stain!

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