Keeping the carpets clean is one of the most common struggles of a typical Gainesville area homeowner. Although carpet and area rug cleaning services are widely available nowadays, some homeowners still persist in attempting to personally wash and dry their carpets by themselves. However, there are usual mistakes homeowners make in cleaning their carpets, that will affect the rug’s physical appearance and quality.

What are these common mistakes? Here are some examples.

1. Scrubbing Vigorously

One of the common carpet cleaning mistakes is scrubbing or rubbing the rug or carpet carelessly. Although it can be a good idea to do a thorough job washing or cleaning the carpet, sharp brushes or hard materials will certainly damage the fibers. This can cause premature wearing and make the carpet lose its original form.

2. Vacuuming Too Much or Too Little

One of the common carpet cleaning mistakes is vacuuming it too much or too little. Over vacuuming, especially with a low-end vacuum cleaner set too deep into the pile can make the carpet lose its fluffiness and damage its fibers over time. In contrast, under-vacuuming the rug will make it dirty much faster. Vacuuming your carpets and area rugs once every week is typically enough to keep it clean and free of hair, grit, and other fine particulates.

3. Using DIY Cleaning Methods

Unfortunately, some homeowners think DIY carpet cleaning methods are enough to keep the carpet clean and good-looking. For example, some homeowners will use dish detergent to clean spots in their carpets. This can result in sticky residues and damage to the fibers and even damage the rug’s overall quality. In other words, it’s better to keep the soaps away from your carpets or they can damage it physically.

4. Using the Wrong Cleaners

It’s also a typical carpet cleaning mistake to use the wrong cleaners for the spot or stain being treated. Using specific cleaners, such as those designed to clean grease and oil, may cause damage to more delicate carpets. The wrong product can damage the fibers or even the rug’s colors. Therefore, it’s best always to read the instructions on the label of the cleaning products to find out the best one for your carpet fibers’ specific needs. Or better yet call in the professionals to assess what needs to be done to properly remove the stains and soiling in your carpet and rugs.

5. Under Drying

One of the common carpet cleaning mistakes is not drying the carpet well. After cleaning your carpets or removing spots, you still have to dry the area thoroughly. Otherwise, it can damage the fibers and the physical appearance of the rug. It is essential to remove all the cleaning solutions so there are no residues left but in doing so, you don’t want to overwet the area, so you can be sure the carpet can dry properly.

If you choose to use a rental carpet extractor instead of hiring a professional company, you have to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully so you don’t overwet the carpet, and then let it dry completely between each cleaning attempt. This may take you several days but it is one way to ensure you clean it thoroughly without causing more damage.

Benefits of Keeping Carpets Clean

Keeping carpets clean is a common struggle for homeowners. It may be challenging to maintain a rug due to accidental spills and dirt, using a vacuum alone.  However, it’s still essential to keep the carpet clean to avoid future problems. In addition to the physical appearance, clean carpets don’t harbor unpleasant smells.

Consequently, there are various carpet cleaning methods and solutions that are essential to keep your rug’s quality and appearance. Now you know the typical carpet cleaning mistake, so after reading this, you should be able to choose the best cleaning approach for your home’s carpets and area rugs.


Keeping your carpets clean and healthy is possible. There are just some common mistakes that homeowners usually make. It’s possible to use the wrong products or not to follow the care instructions properly. To take away all of the worries, you can always ask carpet cleaning services to help you.

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