Each oriental rug has its very own details that are all important to its authenticity. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they’re completely immune to dirt. In face they’re just as susceptible to dust and debris, just like any other floor covering.

For your antique and oriental rug cleaning in Gainesville, you are truly in need of a professional cleaning services. After all, it’s important to cleanse the oriental rug of any prior dirt while restoring the carpet to its original condition. Following DIY cleaning processes and solutions may do more bad than good.

The professional’s process of oriental rug cleaning is a very delicate yet detailed one. Continue reading to know more about it.

1) Analyzing the Details of the Rug

The first thing that the professional will do is analyze the rug’s details. From the color, fabric, design, and overall history, they’ll be able to get an idea of just how much cleaning it’ll need, as well as its overall condition.

From dirt to stains to pre-existing damage, the professional will be the one to discover all the problems the rug may have before making an assessment of what to focus on and how to proceed.

2) Vacuuming and Sweeping the Rug

After analyzing the rug and discovering any issues or dirt that it has, the professional will proceed to vacuum and sweep the carpet. Note that this will be done using a commercial-grade  vacuum and other tools to provide a more thorough job of removing the dirt than your household vacuum can.

Any dust and debris that accumulated on the rug will be sucked in, shaken out and swept away. 

3) Utilizing Liquid Washing Solutions

Following the preliminary cleaning of the carpet via vacuuming and sweeping, the professional will proceed to utilize the appropriate wet wash cleaning and solutions. This is where carpet cleaning-specific products like soaps and detergents and dye stabilizing agens will be applied to the rug.

Of course, the professional area rug carpet cleaning technician will need to rely on their years of experience to use the correct soaps, detergent and other agents to ensure the rug is not damaged and comes out well. Every inch of your area rug should be meticulously addressed to ensure a good job of removing all the dirt, stains and debris possible.

4) Protecting and Drying the Carpeting

Fine oriental rugs will truly require a thorough, professional cleaning, but the aftermath is important too. The professional will use special kinds of protectants, especially when it comes to the most valuable and antique rugs, to ensure they retain their beauty and charm for generations to come.

By using a special equipment to quickly dry the rug after the cleaning is complete will further protect the rug from unacceptable outcomes. Ensuring that all the dampness is removed by placing the rug in a drying chamber or room where the humidity is carefully controlled helps in preventing any damage or staining.


Cleaning oriental rugs will require the professional to utilize various specialized tools and different carpet care products. Equipped with all of these, the professional will do a more ideal job at cleaning.

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