As a homeowner, having the state of your household in a clean and polished condition is quite important. Not only is it gratifying to see the lack of clutter and dust, but it would also ensure that you aren’t expending too much cash. Ruining parts of the home, such as the wooden flooring, can bring about several expenses when they’re neglected.

Don’t forsake the great appearance that wood floors already offer to your home by just ignoring it as days pass by. Take care of this foundation by clearing any dirt tracks and planning how to have each plank polished.

At the same time, it’s important not to overdo anything. Your house’s flooring can be much more fragile than you think. Here are a couple of cleaning dos and don’ts for your wooden floors:

1) DO Consider the Material

Wood is much different in comparison to stone and other kinds of materials. Its varnish is prone to fading and can seem much duller than usual, degrading its overall appeal. Learn more about the material of your flooring before you apply any solution or technique to it, or just allow an expert to inform you about any dangers that can cause wood to deteriorate. 

2) DON’T Eye DIY Cleaning Methods

Most DIY cleaning methods offer blanket practices that should supposedly work on every type of flooring, but that isn’t the case. For example, any use of vinegar and baking soda can ruin your wooden floors. Avoid shelling out extra cash for repairs by being a little warier of those home cleaning solutions you’ve gotten through your browser.

3) DO Seek Out a Professional

Finding a cleaning professional would be ideal rather than doing things yourself, especially if your wooden floor is already riddled with dust bunnies, stains, mud, and more. It’s hard to find a balance between being gentle and thorough with your cleaning, so allow someone with that level of expertise to do it for you instead. That way, your wood floor will still look quite pristine.

4) DON’T Allow Moisture or Spills

Moisture on your wood floors won’t provide you or the cleaning service you hire any favors. In fact, those spills will be more of an obstacle as the liquid and residue can slip through the wooden floorboards and cause the material to warp. Not only will it make it harder to clean or maintain, but it’ll just cause even more unwanted damage to your property.

5) DO Look Into Proper Maintenance

Once professionals conduct a bit of wood floor cleaning in your home, it’s important to maintain the state that it’s in. Keeping a broom and dustpan for some small-scale messes is advised for every homeowner. Vacuuming now and then should be a practice, though be wary of the settings. Schedule your cleaning professionals in to keep everything intact too.

6) DON’T Get Harsh or Heavy Equipment

Cleaning professionals already have the ideal equipment in their tow, so you wouldn’t have to worry about attaining that machinery or products at all. However, when it comes to maintenance, try not to get the tools or cleaning solutions that’ll eventually harm your home. For example, brooms with hard bristles that scratch the floor are a no-go.


The flooring is essentially the foundation of your home, present in every step you take on the property. Following these do and don’t tips should allow you a better cleaning approach for your wooden floor and ensure that it’s in a better state than ever.

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